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Who has Fucha Coin, profits daily from our trading results by our continuous repurchase of the coins and the burning of at least 50% of these coins.

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we are happy about the next listing @coinpaprika. With Coinpaprika we have the first overview page with statistics and information.
Last week was our last round of the giveaway.
But don't panic, we have something very special for you.
I won't reveal the details today.
However, I will keep dropping hints. But feel free to guess along.

Whoever posts a correct hint first will be rewarded!

We will start with the new game on October 1, 2021.

Today we give you our next hint...
As a special highlight, we are giving away a Fucha Master Node.
Everyone has the chance to participate.

How do you get tickets?
- We give away raffle tickets several times a week through our giveaway.
- By special participation in our community you can get more raffle tickets.
- Invite new people - for every person who comes to our server through your link, you will get raffle tickets.
- Become active, help others with questions. Activity in our chats will be rewarded with more tickets.
- And as a bonus we always give away more tickets in bonus rounds.

You see, everyone has the chance to get as many tickets as possible.

- Everyone is only allowed to participate in the raffle with one account.
- Employees and moderators are excluded from the raffle.

- Tickets can be collected until December 15, 2021. The raffle will take place on December 19, 2021.

- Each ticket is a wallet address generated by us, all wallet addresses are secured in a main wallet with the respective Discord user name.

- The winning ticket will be filled with 1000 Fuchacoins. The winner will send us a wallet address so that we can pay out the prize.