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Fucha Free Signal
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Happy sunday,
in order to be able to offer our extended portfolio, we are currently waiting for the company registration documents and the corresponding paperwork.
We know that we were perhaps a little less visible at the moment due to the preparations for the update and the preparations for the company registration.
But you can see in the weekly overview that we are working normally.
So it's not too quiet. There's just a lot to organise in the background.
IMPORTANT: The update will be published this week!
In preparation for the collateral change on Block 250000 you need to update your nodes and wallets to version 2100! We will contact all partners now for the update! https://github.com/traderdeveloper/fucha/releases/tag/2100
our new rewardtable!
really fun fact!
Forwarded from Watcher Guru
FUN FACT: On this day 10 years ago, Bitcoin was $12.15

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