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Hello @everyone, I am totally happy that the weaken hands are so slowly disappeared from the project. A few are still there, but not many that you can already see in the orders on the exchange.
We have seen yesterday again that numerous coins were bought up and someone has sold out, that is completely ok.
But it helps us to bring the project to the next level.
The orders that are on the exchange will get smaller and the next masternodes will get more expensive. This is great and exactly the way we want to go.

our next milestone will help us to grow a lot quicker:
We have the first user test to run this week with the funded accounts.

For this I might have to explain what a funded account is:
A prop firm provides you with money to trade and gets a cut of the profits. To get these accounts you have to prove in 2 phases that you are trading with profit!

Here is the breakdown to get a funded account as an example:

There are 2 phases that you must complete
Phase 1: 8% profit target
Phase 2: 5% profit target
without violating the daily drawdown and total drawdown.

and it is recommended to risk only 1-3% per day of the total account.
best choice: evaluation and 20k, 50k and 100k best options want to get.

Once you complete both phases, you get a contract and get paid 80% profits every 2 weeks after the first month of trading the live account you get to keep as long as you do not violate the account!

There are several good companies that offer this.
Our best experience is with Myforexfunds: https://myforexfunds.com/?wpam_id=331961

Our service will be to take the accounts through the two phases for a fee payable in FUCHA! And we only accept FUCHA!
SL: 1845
TP1: 1822
TP2: 1819
TP2: 1815
Hello @everyone,
please help us with the decision regarding shared hosting services until 30.06.2022 00:00 UTC ! VOTE ON 💰-community-voting on Discord Channel!
nice profits today + 2500 pips
Nas hit tp6 + 3000 pips
very nice pips counted this week !
today the market is unstable. Sit back and have patience!
EURUSD BUY @ 1.0187
SL: 1.0100
TP1: 1.0218
TP2: 1.0250
TP2: 1.0295
last week our pipparty on fuchacoin !
Please update your wallets and nodes to the new version 2002: <https://github.com/traderdeveloper/fucha/releases/tag/2002> - I already ask Ihostmn to list FUCHA in shared service. This will be the next milestone! So please update to the new version!
very nice pips this week! #fucharocks
Did you buy the dip? Fucha.rocks
We thank our Great Community! Lets fucha.rocks!
Welcome to our new shared hosting service partner! We are very proud that the shared hosting on IHOSTMN.com is now live! @everyone
nice pips last week in VIP without any loss!